New Environment Agency Fees from 2019
Following a consultation last year, the Environment Agency has introduced new annual registration charges for EEE Producers effective from the 2019 registration. The changes increase the standard charge for Producers from £445 to £750. The reduced fee for companies with a turnover of less than £1m has been removed. Small Producers (those placing less than 5 tonnes on the market) will continue to pay £30 per annum. There will be different fees for overseas producers. The full EA charging regime can be viewed here:

WEEEComply’s Annual Membership fees will remain unchanged.

About WEEEComply

WEEEComply is a Producer Compliance Scheme operated by Complypak. WEEEComply has been fully approved by the Environment Agency as a Producer Compliance Scheme.

WEEEComply is part of the Prismm Group of companies. The Prismm group has been operating for over fifteen years in the field of recycling and Producer Responsibility. With links to some of the UK's biggest recyclers, we can provide compliance with recycling legislation at the lowest cost.

WEEEComply offers legal compliance with the WEEE regulations, peace of mind and advice regarding the law and recycling of WEEE.

Benefits of joining:

  • WEEEComply takes on your legal obligations
  • Compliance with the regulations bringing peace of mind
  • Expert advice and guidance on registration, data collection and the other provisions of the regulations
  • Email updates on regulatory developments

WEEEComply's is registered with the Environment Agency: Registration number WEE/GP3338PL/SCH. WEEEComply is an open scheme for both household and non-household EEE.

"We found the WEEE regulations daunting and confusing. The help and advice we received from WEEEComply, ensured that the introduction of this legislation ran smoothly and without a problem. The ongoing service and support has been excellent...great work guys!"

Steve Longmore
Operations Director

Novatech UK Ltd